aviva samuels
my story

My name is Aviva Samuels. Before I was a wedding planner, I was destined to be one, but just didn’t know it yet. Having always been a casebook people-pleaser I gravitated towards the food service industry and worked for catering companies at a young age. My passion for art and design led me to study Graphic Design in New York City at Parson’s School of Design. It wasn’t long before my love of working with people won over my computer-based career and I went back to the world of hospitality. While working at a lavishly decorated event the proverbial light-bulb went on and a wedding and event designer was born. To make a long story short, wedding planning was the culmination of all that I had done and all that I had loved in my 20 years of design, service and hospitality.

what fuels me

There is an excellent chance I may cry at your wedding. I am a sucker for people in love, great celebrations, dynamic design, overcoming challenges, making people happy and fairytale endings. I feel ever so grateful to earn a living doing what I love to do. I have an aptitude towards asking the right questions and understanding even what a client is not articulating. Helping nice people to plan their special day is a dream job. I get goosebumps when I read the thank you notes.

the personal stuff

I grew up in a big city, Chicago to be exact, but found my way to living in the tropics, away from the hustle and bustle. I embrace my inner beach girl and find it the perfect balance for my busy career choice and part-time type-A personality. I choose organic whenever possible and drink green drinks that look kind of like pond scum. I have a weakness for chick-flicks, pizza, lazy rainy days and small furry animals. It’s all corny but all true. Sports are not my thing. In fact, I fear anything that involves a ball. I care about the environment as much as I do my Coach bag. I consider myself part girly-girl and part nature lover. My best friend is like a sister to me, with a friendship that began at the age of just two years old. The rest of my family is located far away, but close to my heart.