Sloane and Mike

As fate would have it, Mike and Sloane crossed paths early on in their freshman year of college at Rutgers University. Introduced by a mutual friend, Mike and Sloane remained just friends, until two years later when they took the chance to get to know each other. They began dating shortly after and their relationship took off, turning into a true love story.

Mike and Sloane's relationship began in the summer of 2012. They experienced their last year at Rutgers together, and sat side by side at their graduation. Their relationship grew stronger through time as they fell more in love. They've experienced their happiest moments, some hard times, but most of all, the fun and joys of being together.

Their love for each other led to a proposal on July 25th, 2015 where Mike got down on one knee in front of their family and friends. Sloane was overcome with excitement and joy as she tried to find the words to articulate her emotions. With a YES, a kiss, and a round of applause, this was the start to the amazing journey that Mike and Sloane will cherish forever!;